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I dare you to find something wrong with this song…

ugh no, don’t. It’s too perfect to me. This song is Fun. meets Vampire Weekend. Which is surprising because it features Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow) and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) so you know it’s Emile’s production that really is the magic maker. As is the case with many hits these days.

After all, producers making their own music under their own name is the new… pop star? 

This song has everything. 

Lyrics like “Life is short and you’re no longer young enough to throw around your body for a little fun. Put another photo up.” are relatable and speak to this generation and this culture. 

String intro is always powerful.

I love a good “let’s be hopeless together” song and this is one to add to the list. 

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Beyoncé at an Art Gallery in London tonight (10.15.14)

Beyoncé at an Art Gallery in London tonight (10.15.14)

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"Starving for a fight with myself and all my loved ones cause I’m. bored." 

Hanni El Khatib makes a triumphant return with the title track off their upcoming LP “Moonlight”

The track is unmistakably Hanni and the songwriting is a powerful reminder of what makes the band so special. They could have easily fallen into the same hole that indie-rock California radio acts like Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr, Smallpools (not cali), Beach Party, etc. fell into. But I think these guys are fighting back hard. They have found their niche. Like Vampire Weekend, Silversun Pickups and Kurt Vile - they can and will stay while continuing to bring something innovative (cue Innovative Leisure Record Label reference) to the alt. rock airwaves.

Hanni does what I’m going to call “Creepy Love Songs” in the way only he can do. He is the type of guy that attracts for all the wrong reasons. And what’s more? His songwriting displays maturity and societal reflection as well as romantic obsessions. He’s the guy that is bad on paper but good in person.